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  • After Run Diet

  • Summer Running

    Running in Summer Season

    The scorching summer Sun in the sky and you can’t muster the courage to run in the evening or in the morning. Yes, it is definitely not an easy task to go out and start running. […]

  • Get to the 5 kilometer Mark

    Thinking to run 5K! Think and it is there! It is always a delight to run 5 kilometers in a single go. But it may seem quite a job! Actually it is not. Before moving […]

  • Leap on to 2 Kilometers

    Hello Friends, I hope you have successfully mastered the 1 kilometer run regime and also quite comfortable with it. Now, its time to conquering the 2 Kilometer run with same ease as you covered the […]

  • Cool Running Apps

    Cool Running Apps

    There are a number of running apps available out there. Most of them are quite useful and serve the purpose. For the sake of easiness for you, I’ve reviewed a few and found the below ones […]

  • Start with 1 Kilometer

    Start with 1 Kilometer

    On this website I’m going to talk on the fitness, its importance in life and how to achieve that with the help of simple ways. With each coming blog I’ll try to include each and every […]